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by D. Bruce Merrifield

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 1.   The Strategic Path to Premium Distributor Profits

 1a.   Footnotes For SI # 1

 2.   Change Management: Insights, Tools, Champs and School

 3.   Do Well By Doing Good For All "First Choice" Stakeholders

 3a.   Footnotes For SI # 3

 4.   ROI For Strategic Informationice

 5.   Close The Knowing-Doing Gap With "Profit Scripts"

 6.   Four Dimensional Profit Management

 7.   Learning From and Expanding Upon Your “Islands of Profits”

 8.   The Opportunity Costs of Selling "All To All" In A Main Way

 9.   Building A Cost Model To Determine Customer (Item) Net-Profitability

 10.   How To Get A Better Return On "Analytics"

 11.   80/20 Rule Upgrades

 12.   How To Get More (Profitable) Business Growth?

 13.   Manage Your: “Precision, Supply-Chain Solutions”(PSCS)

 14.   How To Get Paid For Service Value (and cost)?

 15.   "Double-Dip" Strategy? Re-tune Big, Buy-Sell Relationships

 16.   Dominate Core-Customer, Profit Pools

 17.   Get Line-Item-Profit Analytics" (LIPA) For Best Insights

 18.   Make Your Own Luck in 2012

 19.   Questions About Customer Nichonomics

 20.   The Role Of The Outside Rep Is Shrinking and Changing

 21.   Value Exchange Management (VEM)

 22.   Will Warehouse Robots Help Or Hurt Your Business?

 23.   Supply Chain, Selling Skills @

 24.   Energize Your Corporate Culture for Tough Times

 25.   Winning Service? Drink 2 - 4 More Glasses of Water Daily

 26.   2013:Strategic Planning As Unusual

 27.   What's the "Main Thing" for 2013?

 28.   Turn Losing Line-Item Activity Into Gold

 28:   Appendix Case Study   Turning Dirt To Gold At Contractor Supply, Inc.

 29:   Zero to $76K in Profits/Employee in 3 Years

 30:   In Search of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) That Will Spark Results

 31:   My New Part-Time Job: Growing Select Distributors' Profits

 32:   A Catalytic Metric: Gross-Margin-Dollars/Line

 33:   {Video} Brave Distributor Gets BIG Results: Learn How He Did It

 34:   AmazonSupply (AS): New Competitor and Role Model

 35:   Core Renewal: By-The- Numbersl

 36:   Let A Thousand, Profit-Improvement Innovations Bloom

 37:   Your 2020 Company Plan

 38:   Grow Everyone's Wealth With Cost-To-Serve-Math Insights

 39: Update: Innovative Predator and Role Model

 40:   Augment Associations' Financial-Performance-Survey Reports