What happens after a few days of healthy hydration? It depends upon the individual’s initial state of health. Some people can’t drink the strongest alkaline water that the ionizer can make, because it makes them too nauseous perhaps because to many toxins are being flushed out of their cells too quickly. Most people will notice within a couple of days that they are feeling better, sleeping better, etc.

Once we have reached a new, feeling-better, steady state from just drinking more healthy water on a timely basis, we can start to cut back on things that we consume that are now known to be long-term-harmful to our health. The healthy water will do a better job of clearing out the chemistry that makes us crave what we are skipping, so measured cutbacks are easier. By example:

  1. Smoking. After a few days of healthy hydration, try reducing smoking by 10 – 20%. Instead of regular smoke breaks during the day, substitute a water break and/or a walk around the parking lot. After one or two weeks, reduce smoking by another X% until you either quit or stay at some low, residual level.
  2. Sugar is not part of a natural diet. Too much sugar causes insulin production to store the excess blood sugar as body fat and to suppress the burning of our own fat. Then, we crash and need another sugar fix. So, cut back on processed, chemical and sugar-laden food and choose instead whole, fresh fruit.
  3. Processed white flour goods. White processed flour goods are inexpensive and fill us up, but the flour has a "high glycemic index score". That means that like sugar, it gets digested and into the bloodstream in a useful fashion faster and in greater quantity than our body needs causing insulin production again. Substitute whole fiber grains and more raw, fresh vegetables.
  4. Animal Fat. Americans consume about six times the protein per day that they need (thank the meat, dairy and poultry lobbyists). And, to make meat taste good its marblized with about 45% fat content. Our caveman ancestors ate hand caught, free-range meat that had 5 to 8% body fat – pretty stringy, dry, tasteless stuff.
  5. Coffee and Soda. Both of these drinks are very acidic to the body. One can of soda is so acidic we would have to drink 32 cans of tap water to offset the acidity in our body. The bloodstream does it by taking alkaline salts from our diet and our skeleton to neutralize the H+ ions and pass it. The chemical stabilizers in soda stop tooth rebuilding chemistry for 8 hours, and who knows what the long-term accumulative effects must be on the body.
  6. Excessive, frequent alcohol consumption. All things in moderation! If you just promise yourself to drink one glass of alkaline water for every drink you have, you will do well.

By using health hydration as a platform for then reducing harmful dietary habits, people can continue to feel better, have more energy, optimism and start naturally losing weight. The energy, moreover, can then be channeled into starting some steadily increasing amount of exercise.