1. Our body is 70% water by weight. Water is our foundational nutrient.
  2. The blood stream is 92% water, the brain is 85%.
  3. How we feel, function and think is dependent upon maximum hydration with best water.
  4. Within our cells, the mitochondria burn all foodstuff in the form of blood sugar and create waste that water must carry out.
  5. A 150 pound person has 11.5 gallons of water content. How often do we change out our total water content? Drinking a gallon a day (16 cups) would change out the 150 personís water every 11.5 days. Is our internal fish tank cloudy and functioning sluggishly? Waste that isnít removed on a timely basis will be eventually crystallized by the cells to save space. But, the crystals then push out cellular fluid causing long-term, gradual dehydration and stiffness of the cells, especially in joints and extremities where the extra-cellular blood flow (and waste removal) is least efficient. Then, we become susceptible to chronic aging diseases.


  1. Drink as little water as necessary 15-30 minutes before a meal, through the meal and for 30-45 minutes after a meal to allow your stomach to create the optimal acid digestion bath with the least amount of total acid production. Drinking lots of fluids during meals dilutes the acid faster than the body can make new acid, causing incomplete digestion problems. Then, the body must turn all stomach acid into an alkaline state in the intestines, so the least amount of acid produced to do the best job in the stomach is ideal.
  2. Try to drink two glasses of best, right (alkaline, ionized) water up to 15 minutes before each meal and one hour after dinner for a total of 8. Drink more as needed if doing vigorous exercise. Then, our system will have all of the hydration it needs during mealtime, and we will be flushing out waste and toxins from our body on a more timely and complete basis.
  3. All weight reduction programs need good hydration.