Fast Growth Management Memes


Fast Growth Management Memes



I.          WHAT IS A MEME?


A.                 It is like a personal value statement -- “Do unto others. . .”.


1.                   Combat-tested truisms that have competitively emerged over the years.


2.                   They guide you towards more successful decisions.


3.                   The smallest unit of intellectual message that can be transferred from mind to mind.


B.       Businesses have many types.


1.                   Meme plex. - mega guidelines.


a.                   Respect for and progress of the employee (see Personnel).


b.                   Appreciation for, closeness to, and meeting the needs of the customer.


c.                   Grow a business or perish.


2.                   Categories:

a.                   Strategy-planning                                   Section One


b.                   Management                                          Section Two


c.                   Marketing                                              Section Three


d.                   Personnel                                              Section Four


e.                   Operations                                             Section Five


f.                    Innovation                                             Section Six


g.                   Another example                                    Section Seven


3.                   They are inter-related. A firm does many of them or few, not, for example, about 25% across the board.

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
         Leo Tolstoy




A.                 There is one vocabulary and working value system; this contributes to the laser beam effect.


B.                 Good and mutually consistent decisions are made by many employees without management tradeoffs.


C.                 Superior performance results from practicing things formally and consistently.


1.                   Informal and inconsistent practices waste time and are done reactively.


2.                   Formal, consistent practices create habits and anticipate things proactively.


D.                 New people can be grown much faster with a common articulated-meme culture.




A.                 Memorize all the FGMM’s; use shorthand phrases or symbols when possible to make it easy to remember (sticky).


B.                 Rate yourself, your department, or your company on the current practice of all FGMM’s on a 0 - 10 basis.


C.                 Pick one to three memes that you or your area could focus on, discuss and consciously do better - improve habits.


D.                 Try to relate every decision/action, especially difficult ones, to some meme and see what direction it suggests.


E.                  Many of the FGMM’s can be modified to apply to your personally or your own family. Try doing that and re-doing the steps above.




A.                 Meme can replace supervision and encourage a person to feel responsible, trusted and capable beyond their normal experience base.


B.                 Most wisdom that you see in people is learned first through memes from good teachers and later appreciated.


C.                 Memes (like genes) can mutate. Constantly test and modify them against every changing conditions.